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http://www.sifang-radios.com/t....wo-way-radios/mini-w Buy discount Mini Walkie Talkie M16 New Arrival Mini Walkie Talkie with Earpiece 8 Hours Long Time Use Great Choice for Reataurant Shoping Mall Communication Item No. M16 Voice control function Voice control is opened by writing frequency software, and the voice control level is set. In standby mode, voice control launching is started to MIC speech. During voice control launch, if you do not speak for a period of time (set by writing frequency software: voice control delay time), you will automatically quit the launch and return to standby state. Power saving function Improve battery life by writing frequency software to turn on/off power saving mode. Automatic shutdown function By writing frequency software set automatic shutdown time, when the machine in the set time without any that and any call events, the machine automatically shut down. Timeout timer function Set the automatic launch time limit by writing frequency software. When the machine launches beyond the launch time limit, it will automatically quit launching to avoid occupying the channel for a long time. Port frequency hopping function This machine supports one key fH, through the write frequency software set fH mode on/off, one key enable and disable fH mode, do not need to set each channel. GENERAL Frequency RangeUHF: 400~470MHz Operating Voltage3.7 V Number of Channels16 Channels Inner AntennaPhosphor Bronze Infra-acousticAdjustable Non-standard Infra-acoustic Communication Distance2~3KM Charging InterfaceUSB Charging Current350MA Earphone JackType-c Dimensions (mm)17 (W) x 23(D) x 80 (H) Weightabout 0.03 Kg TRANSMITTER Output1W Current0.5A Modulation Frequency Offset鈮?KHZ Modulation Distortion鈮?% Stray鈮?.5uV (58d RECEIVER Receive Sensitivity鈮?.25uV Receive Distortion鈮?% Audio Power>0.5W Receive Current<0.5A Standby Current<70MABuy discount Mini Walkie Talkie website:http://www.sifang-radios.com/t....wo-way-radios/mini-w