Yi Ou Chun

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He leaned down slowly, his face getting closer and closer to her, and Qingyuan looked at him in the dim line, knowing what he was going to do, and his heart was pounding.

He leaned down slowly, his face getting closer and closer to her, and Qingyuan looked at him in the dim line, knowing what he was going to do, and his heart was pounding. Something was bound to happen, and she was ready for it. But for some reason, he bent half and stopped, she waited and waited, in any case can not wait for him. Who knows he is premeditated already long, make a sound suddenly: "Big round son!" Big round son! Qingyuan didn't hold her breath and burst out laughing. After laughing, he was so angry that he simply raised his hand around his neck and threatened him: "If you don't kiss me, I'll kiss you!" The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me during 2019-12-20 21:22:26 ~ 019-12-22 19:48:43. 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Thank you for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 81 Qingyuan is still a little girl, she does not understand the so-called "pro", what kind of profound connotation. She only knew how to be happy, kiss her cheek, and touch her lips at most. Although she was ashamed to think of it, since she was close to her beloved, she naturally did not hinder it. Such a good night, the moonlight outside is clear, the branches and leaves rustle in the courtyard, she hangs on his neck like a gourd, that kind of sweet burden, but there is a kind of appropriate sense of honesty. There was a fire burning in his heart. She was very close, so close that she almost touched the tip of her nose. Looking at her closely, she was also spotless and perfect. She came to ask for a kiss and ran into his heart, but she was so silly that she didn't know what would happen if she made a man rise. He squinted slightly and pecked her on the lips. "How's it going?" She blushed, but there was no aftertaste, only the feeling of soft lips, stamped over. But the time is too short to enjoy it. Is that the end of the kiss? She asked innocently, but the sense of accomplishment was real. She never realized how attractive she was to men when she was inadvertently charming. His breath was a little hurried. "It's just an appetizer," he said with a low smile. "There's more behind it. A real kiss can suck the heart out. She thought he was alarmist, "bluffing again!" "You don't believe me?" He smiled badly and held her in his arms. "I don't believe it." I'll show you. He kisses again, lips and teeth depend on each other, clear circle is very surprised, only then discovered originally between two people can have such extreme intimacy. She tasted a man's breath, faint, like the smell of ambergris, which filled her mind in an instant. She saw that he was deeply involved in the kiss, the kind of comfort between his eyebrows and eyes, and the child was satisfied with sugar. He seemed to be very happy, Qingyuan thought quietly. It was good that he was happy, and she was also happy. But he opened his eyes in a daze and saw her looking straight at him. He couldn't help laughing. He covered her with one hand and blocked her sight. "Don't look," he said softly. You can't watch this kind of thing, and you can't do it. Qingyuan closed his eyes, the original feeling after closing his eyes is different, about. A spark starts a prairie fire. She heard her heart beating faster and faster, and a strange desire to shout filled her throat. He held her face in his precious and heavy hands, and after a fierce attack, it was a river of autumn moon, pecking and pecking again. She also did not know how, faint hum, long breath and coda, listen to him in a daze. He gritted his teeth, crushed her, crushed the man, and rubbed her into his own flesh and blood. Qingyuan had the same feeling, crushing him and encircling his generous back. Although her strength was very small, she also tried very hard to return him. Then he kissed and smiled. He said,Automatic nail machine, "What are you doing?" Clear round hand still clasps his back firmly, say awkwardly again innocently: "I am holding you." He turned his back and scratched his back. "I thought the big round jumped on my back.." There was always something he couldn't scratch. He hissed. "It itches." I'm afraid there aren't many people like them who kiss and tickle. Qingyuan grabbed his clothes behind him and rubbed them for him. "Where?"? Is this it? He twisted around and around, chasing her fingertips like a cat. 3shardware.com