The reborn daughter-in-law dressed as a mother-in-law

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Fortunately, Xue Yumin's goal seems to be only Zhao Qingru from beginning to end. In addition, there are many people who have great strength.

Fortunately, Xue Yumin's goal seems to be only Zhao Qingru from beginning to end. In addition, there are many people who have great strength. By the time the teacher on duty heard the news, the man had been tied up and subdued. The only regret may be that, together with Song Dapeng, several students who helped to subdue Xue Yumin more or less won the prize. Among them, Song Dapeng is the most pitiful, with two and a half scratches on the left and right sides, just like a cat with a painted face. At this point, Song Dapeng's resentment against Zhao Qingru was virtually added. This lying also wins the lottery or something, and you will get used to it. Xue Yumin was sent to the hospital by the kind-hearted teachers and students of Yan University. After a little examination, the doctor came to the general conclusion that this was a symptom of mental illness. As a better understanding of Xue Yumin, Zhao Qingru had to accompany Xue Yumin to the hospital even if she was not willing to do so. When the doctor came to a conclusion, the teachers and classmates who went to the hospital together all looked at Zhao Qingru sideways, vaguely seeming to blame Zhao Qingru for not reporting his knowledge. Zhao Qingru that is called a speechless, before this can really have never heard of Xue Yumin mental illness convenient genetic and symptoms. This white lotus, who likes to wear a white dress and is weak, can't be regarded as a mental illness if she always sheds tears or something. It's too hard for my sister. After all, I've been separated from the white lotus flower for several years. That's the situation. We have to inform our family quickly. The doctor in charge of treatment is a woman, of course,nail manufacturing machine, the first doctor is a man, but also a handsome uncle. Unfortunately, before the handsome uncle approached, Xue Yumin was obviously more excited than when Song Dapeng approached. As a last resort, I had to change a female doctor temporarily. The female doctor obviously saw that the teachers and classmates present all looked at Zhao Qingru together, and also told Zhao Qingru so. Zhao Qingru helplessly spread out his hands, shaking his head and telling the truth: I really don't know where her family lives right now. Originally,Coil nail machine, when my family was in the mountain city, her mother was invited by my mother to help take care of our three brothers and sisters. Later, my father was transferred back to Yanjing, and the whole family went back to Yanjing. I only know that Xue Yumin was admitted to Yanjing Normal University one year earlier than me. Last year, I heard that Xue Yumin's mother and eldest brother also came to Yanjing. Because they had no money, they came to borrow from me. They wanted to borrow three hundred yuan. I only have eighteen yuan a month for living expenses. How can I afford so much money all of a sudden. To say or Song Xuechang chivalrous heart, willing to come forward to guarantee for Xue Yumin, the students in the class just collected the money to lend Xue Yumin. Xue Yumin came to me today, and I thought she had money to pay back. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have taken out the IOU. Who ever thought it would be okay not to take it out? Once you take it out, this person is not quite right. Especially after seeing Song Xuechang. When Qian Yinan heard Zhao Qingru say this, he immediately understood what his friend wanted to do and cooperated with him. Among the onlookers this time, there was also one who was cheated by Song Dapeng last time and had to take out the money, Zhao Qingru's companion classmate. Just because of the IOU and the guarantee of Song University, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, Xue Yumin avoided the debt and fell on the head of Song University. This half a year down, Song University long a little bit of return, in addition to Zhao Qingru three biggest creditors, the other almost also returned a 7788. So these students are still very grateful to Zhao Qingru three, at least if there is no IOU, this forced to take out the living expenses is undoubtedly meat buns hit the dog. Now, although I am a little sorry for Song Daqian, who has to tighten his belt and go on a diet, it is not his own misfortune. Now these students listen to Zhao Qingru and Qian Yinan said so, combined with the cause and effect they saw this time, it seems that there is no big difference with the truth of the matter, so you say a word and I say a word to agree with Zhao Qingru's side. Even Song Dapeng, who hurried over halfway, carefully recalled the details and agreed with Zhao Qingru and Qian Yinan. Of course, in addition to the original borrowing money forced to write a IOU guarantee this paragraph, a little bit not in line with the "truth/appearance" of the matter. But if you think about it carefully, there will be a lot of problems here. Not to mention, Qian Yinan's phrase "especially after seeing Song Dapeng" clearly shows that Xue Yumin's sudden mental illness has something to do with Song Dapeng. I don't know if it matters. But the teacher on duty who came with me had a big head at the moment. Originally thought it was just a small emergency, nothing more than a classmate suddenly fell ill, injured people, and then was subdued by the students present at that time, and finally sent to the hospital. Go back to find the relatives of the classmate who fell ill, pay the medical expenses when they should pay the medical expenses, apologize when they should apologize, and this can be done. Who would have thought? It's not that simple. First of all, in front of this has been injected, completely calm down, called "Xue Yumin" students, is not their own school students. Fortunately, the normal school is not a mess of people outside. If you can really get in touch with the normal school where the classmate is, and then get in touch with your family through the normal school, although it's a little troublesome, at least you can find this person. What is more troublesome is that there is also a debt relationship involved. Just listen to Zhao Qingru a few classmates who have something to do with this matter, this person's conduct is still very problematic, borrowed money and did not pay it back. In this way, this medical expenses and so on, is not back to the school to come out? Thinking of this, the face of the teacher on duty suddenly darkened. V131 is not as good as disassociation. Zhao Qingru did not stay in the hospital for too long, after all, he had to attend classes in the afternoon. Rao, a teacher on duty, rushed back to school after finding out the general situation. After all, the teacher on duty needs to be busy with too many things. On the one hand, he has to report the relevant information to the school leaders immediately. On the other hand,wire nail machine manufacturers, he has to contact Xue Yumin's normal university so that he can contact Xue Yumin's family. As for the medical expenses and so on, it is not expensive to see a doctor at the moment, and Xue Yumin's condition is not a major disease that requires surgery or anything. It is estimated that it will cost a few yuan or even a dozen yuan. The most important thing is to see a doctor first and then settle the medical expenses before leaving the hospital.