Fate falls on Korean entertainment

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As the title song of Comet Shen's new album, "The First Man" is estimated to be almost recorded now, and then it will release sound sources, songs and so on, so as to maximize publicity and improve the pre-sale and follow-up sales of the album.

As the title song of Comet Shen's new album, "The First Man" is estimated to be almost recorded now, and then it will release sound sources, songs and so on, so as to maximize publicity and improve the pre-sale and follow-up sales of the album. And there is no need for them to keep secrets from Yoon. Lee Jae-min nodded and agreed, explaining, "It was created before taking part in the infinite challenge shooting, and it was decided at that time.". After writing this song, I think the voice of Shen Comet's predecessor is more suitable. In the not too big recording studio, Yoon and they crowded together beside the piano, standing around Lee Jae-min, who was sitting down, all showing the same expression as pupils in class. Li Zaimin looked at them with some amusement and motioned them to find chairs and stools to sit down. Seeing that they did not respond, he abandoned his distracting thoughts and seriously brewed his emotions. The prelude of "The First Man" is a very beautiful piano solo. Lee Jae-min's flexible and slender fingers are brushed, and the beautiful sound of the piano is sounded in everyone's heart in the room. A touch of sadness is like air seeping into every cell of the body. Li Zaimin narrowed his eyes slightly and raised his head. His eyes flowed on the piano cover in front of him. Their figures were reflected on it. The only person missing was the one he wanted to sing this song to her. What should I say? You are so precious that you feel insignificant even if you say love. …… The first time is because of the only and can not be changed, right? I only have you, I only have you. After singing the whole song, Youli first reacted and took the lead in clapping her hands vigorously. After a while, it was Yoona who calmed down first. She thought about it and said in a low tone, "opp, our debut single has been decided. It's Girl's Dream. Let me sing it for you." “1、2、3、4!” They lined up to stand in a beat, and Jessica,empty cosmetic tubes, who was standing in the middle with Yoon, shouted, and then they began to sing the whole song "Girl's Dream" a cappella. After singing, they all looked at it nervously. Well, the song is good. But the dance music is about poison X xìng, this song is a little too soothing, poison X xìng is weak, and not very suitable for your style.. Li Zaimin tapped the piano cover gently with his fingers. At this point,cosmetic plastic tube, he suddenly woke up and clapped his hands and said, "However, a big company must have their own considerations in choosing this song. Don't worry about these. Do your own training before your debut, and protect your body and voice.." "Not good is not good, hypocritical Lee Jae-min sent everyone out of the gate, Yoon son is still pouting beside him," if only opp could make dance music, you can write a good debut single for us, sisters think this song is not good. " The shortest suy walked beside Yoon, his low eyes flowing, and he did not know what to think of. Next, the supermarket in the whole state, the sound source of "Snow of White's", the recording of single D, and the study of two professional courses are all crowded together. During this period, Yoona also brought Jessica and Soo-young to improve the food every three or five times. Needless to say, empty lotion tubes ,plastic laminated tube, her relationship with Lee Jae-min gradually became as close as her family. However, Taeyeon, the captain of Girls' Generation, never came once. As long as she had a holiday in the near future, she would be taken back to Jeonju directly by her family. They also tease Lee Jae-min, saying that he and Taeyeon's face is too bad, always can't meet. Now he himself is not clear, every time he hears these is what mood, he and Taeyeon's meeting, has always been a little expectation, but also with a trace of resistance, he is afraid that if it is just a vivid dream of his, what should he do. In this way, everything seems to be crowded together, although busy like a top, but Li Zaimin's mood is very happy, because these things are gradually on the right track. After the recording of "White Snow", Lee Jae-min was introduced by Yoo Jae-seok and signed a contract with Mlon, Mnt and other sound source networks to release the sound source of the song in early April. Time gradually entered the April of 2007, the song "White Snow" spread more and more widely, but the network and newspapers and other media for Lee Jae-min's hot speculation gradually began to cool down. At this time, Lee Jae-min's single D album was completed, and he also received an invitation from "X-MN". SBS variety show X-MN. By the artist according to a certain theme, to vote for the actors, the final vote is the highest xmn, and then see which team xmn is still in, then this team is lost. Even the actor himself doesn't know who xmn is, and even M Yoo Jae-seok is among the voters. At the beginning of the program, Jiang and Liu were divided into two teams, and the situation of the team was decided by drawing lots. In each event, the winning team can decide whether to draw players from the other team or give up players to the other team. The purpose should be to see the captain's understanding and guess of the theme. There are two parts of the game: Avoidance King X: The pair who gets the ball has the right to attack. The player who is hit by the ball on the other side is eliminated. On the contrary, the player on the other side can rejoin a player after receiving the ball. In the end, one team is all eliminated and loses. Strbttl cold ox: Each team sends its members to compete, and the judges score according to their preferences. If they see which team the person with the highest score is in, that team will win. Poem 3, 3, 3: Each team sends its members out separately, starting with the name of the other team, and M decides whether to win or lose. Lee Jae-min was invited to participate in this issue, in addition to the main M Yoo Jae-seok, assistant M Kang Ho-dong, Lee Hyok, there are Park Myung-soo, HH, Ahn So-hee, Kim Sun-young, Kim Hee-chul and others. [Text Chapter 14 Zhaoxi] At SBS TV, Lee Jae-min entered the studio of X-MN under the guidance of the staff. He saw that Liu Zaishi was carrying a not thin desk book on his back, and Jiang Hudong,custom cosmetic packaging, Li Hecai, PD and writers were gathered around to discuss something. Jae-min, you're here. Liu Zaishi put down his desk book and looked at Li Zaimin's face. He turned around and waved to one of his assistants to come over. emptycosmetictubes.com