Mistaken Marriage: Annoying Wang Ye (Complete)

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But Long Zhanhua waved his hand and did not care about anything. Just concentrate on giving his little lover a good lesson behind closed doors.

But Long Zhanhua waved his hand and did not care about anything. Just concentrate on giving his little lover a good lesson behind closed doors. It's just that for the first time, he feels that something is a hundred times more difficult than national affairs. The little woman acted like a spoiled child in her bosom, which made him want to be angry, and a pair of little children cried beside her, which made him want to laugh but not laugh. It's really dumbfounding! But whether the taste is bitter or sweet, only Long Zhanhua knows best in his own heart. Once again, Liu Qianer and her children were strangled in the palace. But this time, everyone in the palace was overjoyed. Tired and happy. Long Haoze finally returned to the capital with his military exploits. The queen mother saw, nature is very happy. When Long Haoze went to the capital, like Long Zhanhua, he ignored everything and only took Feng Yaoyue to visit the famous mountains and rivers near the capital. Happy and carefree! People who did not know only said that the two brothers did not care about family ties, but did not help Long Yutian when the state affairs were so busy. But the people in the know all lamented that it was not easy for the three brothers to have such friendship. Previously, Long Zhanhua was in charge of state affairs on behalf of Long Yutian. The matter of Long Haoze holding the tiger amulet has caused a storm in the country. They should avoid suspicion. And the status of these two people in the hearts of the people has also risen. Since ancient times, the minister's work can not be higher than that of the Lord. Everyone understands this truth, but not everyone can do it. Long Zhanhua and Long Haoze,eye cream packing tube, in the name of love, retired with their own women, which is also a wise move. So Suerya and Sucre were bored. Originally, they were going back to the country of young phoenix, but now that the two countries are United, it doesn't matter whether they go back or not. Fortunately,plastic laminted tube, Feng Qijun no longer blamed them. They were relieved to stay and wait for the big day of Long Yutian and Liu Qingqing. And on the big day, Feng Qijun will also come to their wedding banquet. Sucre has been sincere since he made a big mistake, and he especially remembers the moment when Long Yutian, regardless of his own safety, protected Liu Qingqing with his body. He asked himself that he might not be able to do it. So he gave up completely. At the same time, he also sent his best wishes to Long Yutian and Liu Qingqing. Yufu and Yulianzi were finally no longer worried about their lives, and Yuxuxian was no longer responsible for them, so he let them leave the palace and go where they wanted to go. This is also in line with two people's mind. Yuxuxian, on the other hand, holds the crystal ball picked up from the grass, cosmetic tube ,pump tube, studies it deeply behind closed doors every day, and observes the stars every night. A face of melancholy and restlessness. --------------- The update is coming!!!! Text Dong Xiaojie Biography Chapter 73 Qing Jian Zhen After the state and family affairs were finally straightened out, several months passed. On this day, in the imperial garden of the Red Dragon Kingdom, Long Yutian, Liu Qingqing, Long Haoze, Feng Yaoyue, and Long Zhanhua's family finally got together and laughed about everything in the past. The queen mother finally no longer opposed Liu Qingqing. First, now the world has half of the rivers and mountains, belongs to Liu Qingqing; Second, to be exact, she is not Liu Qingqing now, but Feng Lian Wan. This secret is a secret known to all, but it is something that no one will say. As for Liu Qianer, Liu Qianer also lived in the palace for a period of time during the months when Long Zhanhua took the place of Long Yutian to deal with political affairs. During that time, the queen mother was already afraid of her. I dare not provoke her, so naturally I have to admit her. What's more, there are two such lovely little grandchildren, of course, the queen mother is already happy from ear to ear. No one noticed that a figure had crept into a corner of the palace. [] "What are you doing?" Su Erya looked at her curiously behind Liu Qianer. Dig wild vegetables. Liu Qianer didn't lift her head. Dig wild vegetables? Did she hear it wrong? Su Erya's watery eyes were as big as a thief's. This is the palace. She had to remind Liu Qianer. Liu Qianer looked back with a smile and said, "I know. It's because it's a palace that it's fresh. Think about it. The Empress Dowager has eaten delicacies. Have you ever eaten wild vegetables?" Su Erya shook her head with a palpitation, and indeed she should not have eaten it. Liu Qianer one face is complacent: "So, this thing can let everybody appetite open certainly!"! It's just that there are too few wild vegetables here. Liu Qianer's little face turned to loss again. "This is the palace." Su Erya reminded Liu Qianer again. I know. Don't just talk. Come and help me find it. It's really hard to find! What are those people doing cleaning up the garden so well? Liu Qianer pouted discontentedly. Now for a while, she can't go outside to look for it. Don't just look, come and help! Liu Qianer looked back and greeted Su Erya. Su Erya hesitated for a moment: "Wild vegetables." What does it look like? -------------------- When the two women were looking for wild vegetables, a figure suddenly came forward and grabbed Liu Qianer's neck. Who? Who are you? Let go of the four princesses! Surya shouted at him. Just listen to the sound of sneer, Liu Qianer then guessed who it was: "Qing Jian Zhen?"? What are you doing here? "What, you think I'm dead?" Qing Jian Zhen had a bitter feeling of pride after defeat on his face. That useless thing, whether in martial arts or in wisdom, is no match for him. After Qing Jian entered the Qingxi Palace that day, he never came out again. He just used a little transfiguration to take the place of Qingjian Yi. As a result, the real emperor Qing Jianyi was deprived of his martial arts, cut out his tongue, and imprisoned in the Qingxi Palace. And he grandly borrowed the name of Qing Jian Yi and launched a war against the young phoenix country. Everything had been calculated very well,metal cosmetic tubes, as long as Long Yutian and Liu Qingqing died, the two countries would be in chaos. The country of Qingluan can reap the benefits of others. But Long Yutian and Liu Qingqing not only did not die, but became allied forces. emptycosmetictubes.com