I worked hard in 1970 just to be a salted fish.

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Li Tao nodded under the other side's dignified expression, and then pushed open the door of the office in front of him at the signal of Shang Weiwei.

Li Tao nodded under the other side's dignified expression, and then pushed open the door of the office in front of him at the signal of Shang Weiwei. There were only two people in the room. One wore glasses and had his hair neatly combed behind his head, which was a bit like an intellectual in the Republic of China. The other was a middle-aged man with a goatee. ……” I never thought it was such a style of painting. Are you Comrade Li Tao? The man with a goatee saw Li Tao come in, touched his beard with his right hand, and asked with a calm face. Li Tao nodded his head. Do you know why we asked you to come? The goatee man continued. Li Tao shook his head. When you are not clear about the specific direction of the next step, you should let the other party take the lead, and then you can make targeted measures to deal with it. Seeing this, the man with a goatee stroked his beard for a while, and then continued, "Are you the Comrade who Shang Weiwei specially wrote an application to be transferred from the villages and towns below years ago?"? Are you responsible for the notice sent to the villages and towns in the morning? Li Tao nodded. See her nod, the eye man that does not speak all the time on one side suddenly rebukes aloud: "Do you know what kind of mistake you made then?!" ??? I don't know what you want to say no matter how loud you shout! "Li Tao's belly is full." Please say it clearly. But on the surface, she just stood where she was, neither humble nor arrogant, and said. The goatee and the man with glasses looked at each other, and then the man with glasses continued to shout, "Do you know that your last words on the radio were in support of the capitulationists?!" "Leading comrades, I think that the comments on works of art are not directly related to the development of our Party and our country,ghana seed extract, let alone who insinuates who.". What's more, as far as I'm concerned, it's just a memorial to a great man, and it has nothing to do with the situation. Li Tao stood up straight and looked at the two of them. Coming back from the posterity of freedom of speech, she can understand the situation of being called to talk in the afternoon after a word in the morning, but she still can't accept it. What's more,carnosic acid price, for herself, it was just a few eulogies. Development, innuendo, situation, it seems that you are not unclear, but unwilling to admit! After Li Tao's words fell, the man with a goatee touched his beard and said lightly. At the same time, the eye man also stared at Li Tao, seems to be waiting for Li Tao to open his mouth, Li Tao is quietly standing aside waiting for two people to open their mouths again. Finally, it was the man with the goatee who glanced at the man with the eyes and said again, "I think you are proving your capitulationist ideas by saying that." “……” She doesn't even know what a capitulationist is, jujube seed powder ,fenugreek saponins, so how does she prove capitulationist thinking? "I don't think so. I'm just mourning a people's hero who devoted himself to the country and the people." Li Tao and the man with glasses came and went to argue about their views. While touching his beard, the goatee sat quietly on the sofa in the office and looked at the expression on Li Tao's face. Just as Li Tao was preparing to say in her heart, "You can do whatever you like, and you can do whatever you want. Labor and capital will not accompany you to force Lai Lai. At most, they will accept ideological reform for half a year!" When he said it, the man with a goatee sitting there suddenly interrupted the man with glasses who was about to open his mouth with a smile: "Well, that's all." Hearing this, the man with glasses changed his aggressive momentum and turned to a smiling look, looking at the goatee man who opened his mouth. The goatee man nodded at the glasses man, then turned to look at Li Tao standing there, smiling kindly, "Comrade Li Tao, come and sit down." “……” "No, if you have something to say, I'll just stand." Li Tao looked at the man sitting there smiling at his glasses and felt a little speechless. The face-changing of Sichuan Opera is not so fast. One second I wanted to fight directly with myself, and the next I could sit there with a smile on my face. "All right, I'll just say it. Here's the thing." The author has something to say: 1. It probably involves. In July and August 1975, a series of things related to the Water Margin were deleted, and I probably knew what I was talking about. 2. I almost forgot In this chapter, leave a message to send a red envelope to wish a merry Christmas ~ Chapter 60 Until Li Tao came out of the office, her whole person was still in the clouds. According to Goatee just now, after learning the news of the great man's death, the leaders of the county committee decided to write a eulogy and send it to the capital after discussion. When Li Tao heard the goatee say this, the whole person was really in a state of confusion. Does this matter have anything to do with the scene just now? Thinking, Li Tao looked at the two people sitting there and asked, "So what did you just say?" After the goatee said yes, the man with glasses, who had been smiling and listening to the goatee's explanation to Li Tao, looked at her and took the initiative to explain: "Just now we just wanted to confirm your position." ??? Political stance? “……” I can understand your point of view, but do you just confirm my position? Li Tao did not say what was in her heart, but thought that the goatee and the man with glasses should have seen the content of her heart from her face, because the goatee took the initiative to say before she asked again: "We just hope that you can stand behind us with a firm stand and not turn against us at the critical moment, which is enough." After his voice fell, the man with glasses echoed: "Yes, we have comprehensively considered the abilities of all comrades in the county party committee, and finally decided to put this matter in your hands. So no matter whether someone will talk to you about this matter later, no matter who that person is, you have to answer as firmly as you just did." Said the man with glasses,pumpkin seed extract, with a serious expression on his face. What is it? About writing a eulogy? Li Tao thought about the meaning of the other side's words in her heart. From other people's point of view, other people are not like themselves to have a general understanding of the future direction, so they do not know what will happen next. prius-biotech.com